April 2022:

We hope everyone is ok during these troubled times in Europe.

We are currently working on new songs and looking forward to share these with you when the time comes!

Nov 2021:

Thanks for all the good Reviews!
Also a great thanks to all you listeners out there!

Hopefully we will see you soon!


May 2021:

Our new album has been out for a couple of weeks now.

Thanks for all the good reviews and thumbs up we got!



April, 2021:

Two singles from our forthcoming album is now released on digital platforms!

We’re happy to announce that our new album “Fresh From The Can” will be released on April 23!

The music on the new album is strongly connected to our musical background, just as the first record we did back in 2017. However on this new album we decided to explore a little bit further and we allowed us to search deep, way back to the source of our roots.
Out came this new album of 9 songs filled with joy, warmth, bluesy heaviness and pure rock! “

Available april 23 through Pride & Joy Music.
Release on CD and digital platforms.

The album is recorded and mixed by Kari Malm at Zon 17, Örebro, Sweden.
Drums recorded at Studio Bullerbyn, Örebro, Sweden by Mikael Thuresson.

Mastered by Roger Bergsten at Nevo Mastering Studios.

Artwork by Jerry Eriksson.
All Photos by Joje Lindskoog.

Guitars/bass – Kent Engström
Vocals – Göran Edman
Keyboards – Peter Emilson
Ludwig Drums – Joje Lindskoog
Bass – Mats Berglund

Produced by Engström/Lindskoog/Malm.


Mars, 2021:

Our new album will be released april 23!


february 2021:

The new album is competed!

Release as soon as possible.

More info to come.


september Update!

Some additional percussion is being recorded and also some bass-tracks.

its been a strange year due to the pandemic going on, says guitarplayer Kent. There has been some delays for us in the process but we hope to finish the album in a near future. We’re almost done with all recordings and will start to mix the album as soon as possible.

Summer Update!

The work with the new album continues! Only one more song to go for Göran and then all the vocals will be completed!

Spring 2020.

The band is in the studio right now laying down the tracks for a new album!

– The process is running smothly, guitarist Kent adds. Once again we brought in engineer Kari Malm for mixing and recording. He worked with us on the first album and we know each other very well. We have used two different studios for this new album. The drums were recorded in studio “Bullerbyn” in Örebro, Sweden. Engineer during that session was Micke Thuresson who also were involved in the recording of the first album. Back behind the drums for this new album is Joje. He left the band after the first album was released but now has returned to the gang.


Like the first album this new one will be released by Pride & Joy Music.


From the first album: